Boruto Episode 111

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“The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Mirai’s King!” (湯煙忍法帖・ミライの玉!!, Yukemuri Ninpōchō: Mirai no Gyoku!!) is episode 111 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

Mirai leaves the inn with Tatsumi without telling Kakashi and Guy. At the hot springs Mirai thinks she sees her father Asuma, but something feels off. Will Mirai be able to get back to her escort mission in one piece?

Episode Facts & Information

Based on Manga Chapter:

Debut Characters:

Type: Mixed Canon/Filler

Japanese airdate: June 16, 2019

English airdate: May 25, 2021

Debut Jutsu: Curse Technique: Body Controlling Manipulated Blood, Wind Release: Whirlwind Fist,

Debut Tools:

Arc name: Steam Ninja Scrolls Arc

Music opening: "Golden Time"

Music ending: "Ride or Die"

Episode screenshots

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