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Naruto Shippuden Episode 160

“Mystery of Pain” (ペインの謎, Pein no Nazo) is episode 160 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

The Leaf Village is under heavy attack from the Akatsuki. Underneath the village Danzo takes action to achieve his ambition. Meanwhile, searching through the Rain ninja’s mind, Inoichi Yamanaka is about to stumble upon valuable information.

Episode Facts & Information

Debut Characters: Mizunoto

Type: Manga Canon

Japanese airdate: May 13, 2010

English airdate: January 8, 2013

Debut Jutsu: Earth Release: Dropping Lid, Earth Release: Sticky Earth Drop, Fire Release: Fired Pottery Technique, Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind, Lightning Release: Sixteen Pillar Bind, Mind Body Transmission Technique, Summoning: Iron Maiden, Summoning: Torture Chamber, Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique,

Debut Tools:

Arc name: Pain's Assault

Music opening: "A World That Was Transparent"

Music ending: "Bicycle"

Episode screenshots

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