Naruto Shippuden Episode 235

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“The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko Village” (撫子のくノ一, Nadeshiko no Kunoichi) is episode 235 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Naruto meets two kunoichi ninja named Shizuka and Tokiwa from the Nadeshiko village who are seeking the student of Jiraiya.

Episode Facts & Information

Based on Manga Chapter:

Type: Filler

Japanese airdate: November 03, 2011

English airdate: March 29, 2014

Debut Jutsu: Dance Performance: Second Step, Earth Release: Iron Fist Prison, Hundred Puppet Soul Binding, Nadeshiko-Style Deep Crimson Dance Performance, Nadeshiko-Style Hardliner Gale Fist, Nadeshiko-Style Hardliner Revolving Cut, Violent Whirlwind,

Debut Tools:

Arc name: Paradise Life on a Boat

Music opening: "Newsong"

Music ending: "Place to Try"

Episode screenshots

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