Naruto Shippuden Episode 377

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“Naruto vs. Mecha-Naruto” (ナルト対メカナルト, Naruto tai Meka-Naruto) is episode 377 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Part 2 of a special two-part extra edition! The townspeople are going about their daily business on the streets of the Leaf Village when someone suddenly appears and starts sending them flying!

Episode Facts & Information

Based on Manga Chapter:

Debut Characters: Mecha-Kurama

Type: Filler

Japanese airdate: September 11, 2014

English airdate: April 4, 2017

Debut Jutsu: Nine-Tails Chakra Bomb, Reversible Technique, Snake Mouth Bind, Unite,

Debut Tools:

Arc name:

Music opening: "Crimson Lotus"

Music ending: "Never Change feat.Lyu:Lyu"

Episode screenshots

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