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Naruto Shippuden Episode 417

“You’ll Be My Backup” (お前はバックアップだ, Omae wa Bakkuappu da) is episode 417 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Obito doesn’t understand Kakashi's way of thinking, but he finally learns why Kakashi put his mission first that time at Kannabi Bridge. Presently, Obito and Kakashi return together to confront Madara.

Episode Facts & Information

Based on Manga Chapter: Naruto Chapter 666

Debut Characters:

Type: Filler

Japanese airdate: June 25, 2015

English airdate: January 9, 2018

Debut Jutsu:

Debut Tools:

Arc name: Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki

Music opening: "Wind"

Music ending: "A Promise That Doesn't Need Words"

Episode screenshots

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