A (First Raikage)

A (エー, Ē, Viz: Ei, English TV: Ay) was the First Raikage (初代雷影, Shodai Raikage, literally meaning: First or Founding Lightning Shadow) who founded Kumogakure in the Land of Lightning.

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First appeared in

Title: A (First Raikage)
Manga debut:

A (First Raikage) Facts & Information

Appears in Anime   and Manga
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Voice Actor Japanese: Kōsuke Gotō
Voice Actor English: Steven Blum
Bloodtype: O
Manga debut:
Japanese (Kanji) name: エー

A (First Raikage) Rank, Powers and Affiliations

Occupation: Raikage
Ninja rank: Kage
Affiliations: Kumogakure

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