Naruto Chapter 244

“Side Story Final Story: The Hero of the Sharingan” (外伝最終話:写輪眼の英雄, Gaiden Saishūwa: Sharingan no Eiyū, Viz: Chronicle 6: Sharingan Hero) is chapter 244 of the original Naruto manga.

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Debut characters: Sumashi
Chapter japanese title: 外伝最終話:写輪眼の英雄
Arc name: Kakashi Gaiden
Volume number: #27
Chapter number: #244
Release date: Weekly Shōnen Jump #5-6, 2005 (cover date: January 22, 2005)
Volume name: The Day of Departure!! (#27)

Chapter facts and information

Jutsu's used in this chapter: Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm,

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