Naruto Chapter 76

“Kiba Turns the Tables!! Naruto Turns the Tables?!!” (キバの逆転!!ナルトの逆転!!?, Kiba no Gyakuten!! Naruto no Gyakuten!!?, Viz: Kiba Turns the Tables… and so Does Naruto?!) is chapter 76 of the original Naruto manga.

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Anime debut: Naruto Episode 45
Chapter japanese title: キバの逆転!!ナルトの逆転!!?
Arc name: Chūnin Exams
Volume number: #9
Chapter number: #76
Release date: Weekly Shōnen Jump #23, 2001 (cover date: May 21, 2001)
Volume name: Neji and Hinata (#9)

Chapter facts and information

Jutsu's used in this chapter: Beast Human Clone, Fang Passing Fang,
Tools used in this chapter: Military Rations Pill,

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